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June Carp Round Up - 07 07 2016

June Carp Round Up!


June can often be a mixed month for the carp and this year was no exception with late spawning and some pretty awful wet weather making things somewhat difficult, particularly on Temple. Saying that, spawning now seems to have finished and all the signs are that the carp are getting back on the feed with anglers fishing the Old Lake in recent days reporting bumper catches of up to 20 fish a night.


Below is a short summary of the notable catches from both Temple and the Old Lake during the month, which on Temple includes a mis-weighed thirty and the loss of one of Temple icons at the net…


The month ended with Temple regular Ray Harding reporting loosing the Ghost at the net. Fishing peg 15, Ray was fishing pineapple pop ups tight to the far reed bed between pegs 1 and 2 when he had a strong run connecting immediately with a good fish. Following a very lively fight Ray was ready to slip the net under the fish, which he recognized as Temple's much sort after 'Ghost'. However Ray's accomplishment was not to be, as just as he was about to slip the net under the fish, the hook pulled leaving Ray looking at the Ghost lying just short of his net on her side before she swished her tail and disappeared back into the depths. Ray commented "she looked in fantastic condition, whilst it would have been nice to have got her on the bank to weigh her, I have caught her twice before so I was happy to see her swim off to fight another day without the stress of landing her".


However one angler to bag a thirty was Richard Urquart who fished his first session on Temple bagging a stunning 31 lb common. Fishing peg 15, Richard caught tight to the reeds on 18mm Munch Baits 'The Compound' which he fished over 30 to 40 baits in a tight group with pellet.

 Another late month catch was reported by Matt White who landed one of Temples sort after fish aka 'Gordon’. However, Matt was not having a good day and somehow managed to totally screw up the weighing of Gordon having left his landing net in the weigh sling. Weighing either just under or just over thirty pounds, Matt was fishing peg 11 catching on Cell close to the island margins. A frustrated Matt commented "I cant believe I screwed up the weighing, Gordon was in fantastic condition and gave me the hardest fight of any fish I have ever caught from Temple" and we all know Matt has banked a few thirties!!


Temple stalwart Mark Savage managed a 31lb 6 Mirror mid-month. Mark fished 3 different swims until he found the fish in the bottom bay catching from peg 15. Bait used was 10mm popups with no free offerings cast to showing fish fished on a size 10 Chody turned out eye hook, which gives a great popped up presentation. All of Marks fish were caught from the margins…

Temple regular Rob O'Neill managed to catch a couple of fish after spending 2 days in Peg 9 in which he didn't see a single fish. Rob thought "I'm not going to be beaten and decided to pack up early and move up to peg 12 for the morning to see if I could save the blank". One hour later Rob had a double take! Luckily two guys were walking past and were watching him play the first fish when the second rod ripped off. One of the lads played the fish for him while he netted the first and then I took over and managed to land the second! The first fish was a 26lb common which gave a great fight taking about 25mins to land, whilst the second was a mirror which went 16lb 4oz which Rob had caught before at 14lb coming from exactly the same spot! Rob commented "I think this little mirror is going to go on to be a very big fish, the shape of it and the fact it's put on 2lb in a couple of months. Didn't look like it was holding spawn either". Both fish were caught using Aqua Dynamix Screem 12mm pop up on a multi rig, the common from the island and the mirror from the margin.


Other catches included Graham Collins well deserved brace which included a 29lb mirror and a 19lb 14oz common both caught on Cell. James Whitmore also reported a cracking brace of twenties, a 28lb 4oz mirror and 24lb common. James was fishing peg 9 catching on Cell bottom baits which he fished to the mid water.


Old Lake

The Old Lake was not affected by the late spawning as much as Temple with the month seeing some good multi bag catches reported topped by two thirties…


Mathew Tilly from Reigate fished an overnight session on the Old Lake when his alarm screamed off resulting in a Bury Hill PB, a pristine 30lbs 2oz Common. Mathew was fishing a snowman rig with a CC Moore Live System boilie and an NSI on the tip in open water over a spread of loose boilies. Mathew backed it up with a 19lb 4oz common.


Mark Saunders also had a fantastic session on the Old Lake catching a stunning 30lb 8oz common which is thought to be the same fish as Matthew Tilly. Mark was fishing peg 14 catching on a Snowman Rig coupled with Mainline Cell boilies.


New SCM member Barry Osborne and his guest Steven Forsythe bagged 30 plus carp during their 48 hour session which included four twenties and plenty of upper doubles. Fishing pegs 74 and 75, the pair fished Cell bottom baits to the island margins bagging mirrors weighing 24lb, 22lb and 21lb and a cracking 22lb common as well as a good number of 19's and 18's.


Another angler to bag up on the old Lake was Kevin Oldcorn who landed 19 fish for 275 lb during his first session of the new season despite wet weather, the biggest a 19 lb mirror. Kevin fished peg 2 with 20 mm Mainline Peaches & Cream boilies cast to the far bank and to open water.


Nick Driver, from Redhill, and Adam Rogers from Horley also shared a catch of 19 carp to 17 lb 14 oz for 237 lb 14 oz during a quick overnighter. Fishing pegs 15 and 17 with double 18 mm Mainline Cell boilies cast three-quarters of the way across to the island, over a kilo of Cell and Essential Cell freebies.


Filming a new series for Tackle Guru, Dean Macey and Nigel Botherway enjoyed a great session this week on the Old Lake bagging fish to 22lb. Further catch details to follow in due course.



This years pairs carp match will be held on the 30th and 31st July. Open to both members and non-members alike, bookings are being taken on a first come first served basis with payment required at the time of booking. Cost per pair including pools is £100, please refer to facebook pages (see link below) or call us for further details.

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