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Download the ‘New’ Temple Lake 3Dcarp virtual fishing game! - 0 06 2006

Want to catch a huge English carp, but you are not a member of our new specimen carp lake Temple! Don’t worry; download the newest virtual fishing game on the market for free!

This amazing new game, 3DCARP has been built by Julian Motture especially for Bury Hill Fisheries and is a first for any commercial fishery.

3DCARP is a unique 3D carp fishing game using Windows XP and is based on Bury Hill Fisheries ‘Big Fish’ carp water, Temple Lake. The game features a rich and realistic environment including accurate lake contours plotted with the help of satellite technology, dense bank side vegetation, semi transparent water and subtle underwater lighting effects. The graphics used are built from actual photographs of the lake, the surrounding countryside and 27 of the biggest and best Temple fish showing exact scale patterns of big fish such as Italian 1 and 2, Robin Hood and -2 Scales etc! A further 48 computer generated fish have also been stocked. The fish use artificial intelligence to find food whilst avoiding being caught.

You can select the rod and reel of your choice, the rods and reels are drawn in full 3D with spools that spin when you get a take, you can also choose from many different baits and rigs. Having selected your tackle and bait, you will need to find the fish and get them feeding confidently if you are going to catch. However, if you have selected badly balanced tackle such as thick lines and too smaller hooks for example, you will loose fish, similarly, if you use the wrong bait or choose to fish the wrong areas, you will also struggle to catch! However, get it right and you can really bag up! You can even keep catch records and take photos of your catches.

Once you are ready to start fishing, go walking round the lake, use your polarising binoculars to spot fish and use your catapult to bait up any area you wish. Also included is a ‘Duck mode’ enabling you to go for a swim with the fish and see the lake from under the water?

In coming months, we will be running competitions based on this amazing game, please enjoy playing it!

Available from the download page here.

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