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Autumn BIG FISH feeding frenzy continues... - 04 10 2016

The last two weeks has seen a flurry of BIG FISH action on both the Old Lake and Temple Lake which has included both Nemo and The Ghost, both of which were caught at 39lb 10oz. With the next couple of weeks set to remain mild, expect to see further bumper catches.

It was a case of 'haven't we met somewhere before' for Emily Schneider, when she boated a 30 lb common carp and discovered that it was the same fish that partner George Whitworth had banked just three weeks before (see photo below) on an overnighter.
Old Lake 'thirties' are difficult fish to catch, but the feat was made even more unusual by the co-incidence, Emily's new personal best coming in an afternoon session of five fish, the next biggest 16 lb, from the Jungle.

30 lb

New Specimen Carp Club member Steve Taylor had a great start on an overnighter, when he landed 11 carp including two 'twenties', a 24 lb 7 oz mirror and a 21 lb common, all on 18 mm Carp Company Icelandic Red boilies to the far bank and the far bank corner at peg 4.

Lake regular Kevin Oldcorn had a busy final session of the year, landing 18 carp including an 18 lb 13 oz common (see photo below) and an 18 lb 5 oz mirror, along with two 17s and five 16s. 14 of Kevin's 18 fish were landed in daylight, and all fell to 20 mm Mainline Peaches & Cream boilies with PVA bags in the margins, in open water and to the edge of the island from peg 32.

18 lb 13 oz

Benji Harding, from Reigate, had seven carp on an overnighter at peg 31, two of them 18s, one a 15, a 14 and three 12s, all on single 18 mm Mainline Cell boilies over scattered free offerings.

Simon Grewal has achieved a major milestone in his recent season on Temple by bagging a brace of 'thirties' topped by the lake's biggest resident.
Simon banked Nemo at 39 lb 10 oz, along with Two Tone at 33 lb 10 oz and a 22 lb common for a memorable visit (see photos below).
Nemo was last reported just under a month ago at 38 lb 14 oz to Joe Concanon aka Joe Hendry, 6 oz up on its previous reported capture three weeks before that, to Adam Hutchinson. So she is well on her way to cracking the 40lb barrier.

Nemo at 39 lb 10 oz

Two Tone at 33 lb 10 oz

22 lb

And the following day after Simon's capture of Nemo, new member Lee Northwood banked The Ghost, at exactly the same weight of 39 lb 10 oz (see photo below) on his first session.
Lee was fishing a three-day session and moved swims after two nights from peg 14 to peg 1, hooking the fish 20 yards out. The Ghost was last reported back in May at 38 lb 15 oz in a brace with Nemo at 41 lb 12 oz for Rob O'Neill, a week after both fish had last been caught, suggesting that they both come on the feed to the same 'triggers' and come out more than once when they do.

The Ghost at 39 lb 10 oz

In addition to the action from the 'thirties' there were plenty of 'twenties' being landed, showing how productive the autumn feeding window can be.
Matt White led with way with a 29 lb 10 oz common carp from peg 14 on Mainline Cell, and then added other commons of 28 lb 8 oz, 23 lb 4 oz and 19 lb from the margins (see photos below).

29 lb 10 oz

Conor Cook landed the Zip Linear at 25 lb 8 oz, a fish he hadn't had before, and a 28 lb 8 oz common and a 25 lb 1 oz mirror (see photos below), from peg 9 on Cell with a  small PVA bag in open water.

The Zip Linear at 25 lb 8 oz

25 lb 1 oz

Karl Jansen had a 29 lb 5 oz mirror and commons of 25 lb and 24 lb 10 oz (see photos below) on a two-day session at peg 10, on 24 mm Cell in open water.

29 lb 5 oz

Lee Norman had commons of 27 lb 8 oz (see photo below) and 20 lb 8 oz on a 48-hour trip, on Cell in the margins of peg 14 over 50 freebies.

27 lb 8 oz

Andy Ayling, from Wimbledon, also had a 27 lb 8 oz fish, this time a mirror carp, from roadside peg 4 on a single 18 mm Cell bait tight to the island over a few free offerings.
And not to be outdone, Mark Constable also had a 27 lb 8 oz mirror (see photo below) on a 48-hour session, fishing peg 7 with a single 18 mm Cell boilie.

27 lb 8 oz

Barrie Spencer had the fine 23 lb 2 oz common pictured below from peg 7, fishing to the island, on a NashBait Coconut Crème snowman presentation over a few free offerings.

23 lb 2 oz

And Sam Sawyers landed mirror carp of 22 lb and 19 lb from peg 11 on single CC Moore Equinox boilies.

Last but not least, Tony Sawyers fishing peg 12 (we thint the net, which just goes to show that the AUTUMN FEEDING FRENZY CONTINUES!

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