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2018 Specimen Carp Membership - 26/11/2017.
Meet us at the Brentwood Carp Show! - 19/01/2017.
Autumn BIG FISH feeding frenzy continues... - 04/10/2016.
24 HOURS CARP PAIRS OPEN - 07/07/2016.
June Carp Round Up - 07/07/2016.
CARP GALORE... - 10/05/2016.
Temple's GHOST banked at 39lb 2oz - 29/04/2016.
TEMPLE'S NEMO BANKED AT 42 LBS - 12/04/2016.
See Bury Hill on TV this Thursday April 7th - 06/04/2016.
Two anglers share 300lb carp haul on Old Lake! - 24/03/2016.
Three 30's banked from Temple and Old Lake! - 20/03/2016.
Carp on the mumch as temperatures start to rise! - 11/03/2016.
Nemo banked at 41 lb 14 oz together with Two Tone at 32 lb - 22/02/2016.
Two BIG Temple Mirrors banked! - 16/02/2016.
Temples 30's just keep coming! - 08/01/2016.
The Sargeant at 35 lb 2oz tops latest catches. - 04/01/2016.
Temple Lake record smashed following capture of 43lb 3oz mirror - 27/12/2015.
Temple's GHOSTIE banked at 39 lb 10 oz - 06/12/2015.
BIG Carp show in Mild Weather Conditions - 17/11/2015.
Zander GALORE as Predator Season Kicks Off - 06/11/2015.
6 more Thirties see's October's BIG fish run continue! - 27/10/2015.
October promises to be a fantastic 7 thirties and still counting - 15/10/2015.
BIG Carp TURN ON as Autumn arrives! - 30/09/2015.
Rain and Wind really get Carp Feeding! - 26/08/2015.
Thirties galore as Temple and the Old Lake turn on! - 18/08/2015.
Stunning Temple thirty is banked! - 30/07/2015.
Fish go on feeding frenzy with increased oxygen! - 27/07/2015.
Carp start feeding as spawning ends! - 24/06/2015.
Another Temple thirty & Old Lake twenties - 26/05/2015.
Temple's 30's keep on com'in! - 22/05/2015.
Has Temples Biggest Resident just got Bigger - 15/05/2015.
April Thirties Round Up - 29/04/2015.
24 Hour Carp Match 9th & 10th August - 04/08/2014.
Easter saw 29 carp caught on Temple including 7x30's to 38lb! - 23/04/2014.
2014 Stocking & Nettings - 13/02/2014.
Temple see's 20 stunning fish stocked! - 07/02/2014.
See us at The Big One Stand 58 - 07/02/2014.
Brentwood Carp Show 24th & 25th January - 22/01/2014.
2013 Winter Fishing Deals - 05/11/2013.
Temple produces 4 thirties! - 30/09/2013.
Old Lake throws up 3 thirties whilst Temple angler bags 9 fish! - 20/09/2013.
Temple throws up more 30’s despite hot weather! - 30/07/2013.
24 Hours Pairs Carp Open - 04/07/2013.
Record Temple Catches Despite Fish Spawning and Poor Weather - 13/06/2013.
Carp start to feed as temperatures turn! - 21/05/2013.
Run of BIG fish gets year off to flying start! - 23/04/2013.
Predator Season Opens October 1st - 27/09/2012.
Bury Hill's Predator season opens on Monday October 1st. With settled weather forecast, expect to see a flurry of Pike and Zander action with a good chance of a few big zander.
7 Thirties in Just 7 Days! - 12/09/2012.
A late summer feeding Frenzy on temple has produced 7 thirties and twenties galore over the past week with further catches being reported daily.Photo shows Jason Drews STUNNING Ghost weighing 33lb 8oz.
Carp catches improve as cooler weather returns! - 02/08/2012.
Following the hot muggy sultry weather, carp catches are steadily improving with both Temple and the Old Lake seeing some excellent action. Picture James Chanut's stunning 31lb 8oz Old Lake mirror.
Old Lake Carpers report BUMPER CATCHES despite wet weather! - 10/07/2012.
Despite some pretty wet weather, anglers fishing the old Lake have been reporting brilliant catches of carp with plenty of 20's to keep them busy.Pic Graham Cox's PB 22lb 4ox common.
BUMPER boat action for Carp, Tench and Bream! - 06/07/2012.
With spawning now over, boat anglers have been reporting BUMPER hauls of tench, bream and carp from the Jungle!
Run of Old Lakes BIG Carp see's three thirties caught! - 18/06/2012.
Anglers fishing the Old Lake have experienced a run of Big Carp with three thirties caught in as many weeks. Photo shows Graham Cox's stunning 32lb 14oz Old Lake mirror.
48 Hour Bury Hill Carp Open! - 13/06/2012.
The 27th to 29th July will see 25 anglers battling it out on the Old Lake to win the first 48 hour Bury Hill Carp Open.
Fast and Furious! - 31/05/2012.
Despite soaring temperatures, the only way to describe the carp action this week is 'Fast & Furious'. Picture shows Craig Salvage's stunning 36lb 8oz Temple mirror.
Record Carp Catches Topped by 11 Fish Haul! - 16/05/2012.
Following a marked improvement in the weather, carp catches continue with another 8 thirties reported this week.
Another Bumper week for thirties! - 08/05/2012.
Another brilliant week for the carpers with bumper numbers of thirties being caught on both Temple and the Old Lake!Pic shows John Payne's stunning 33lb 8oz Old Lake mirror.
Spring/Summer Specials include FREE 500g bag Dynamite Hook & Feed Pellets and a NEW £8 Half Day Ticket!
Bumper carp catches continue! - 24/04/2012.
Bumper carp catches continue to make the headlines at Bury Hill with both Temple and the Old Lake producing record numbers of fish which included ten 30's in the last few days alone! Pic Lyle Everiss 34lb 13oz mirror.
Carp Continue to Feed Despite Weather! - 18/04/2012.
Following record catches on Temple, anglers fishing Temple and the Old Lake report bumper catches despite the weather. Pic Mark Savage's 37lb 10oz Temple mirror.
Temple’s BIG carp SPRING into life! - 12/04/2012.
With 75 fish already reported, 23 of which are thirties, 2012 is looking to be a TERRIFIC year - and we are only in early April!
Easter Bream Bag up! - 11/04/2012.
Two anglers share 250lb plus haul of bream using T-Bag method. Catching bream to 8lb, long range feeder and pellet was the winning combination.
Bury Hill 2 Day Silvers Match 24/25 April - 20/03/2012.
Bookings are now being taken for this years Bury Hill 2 Day Silvers Match which last year saw Steve O'Rourke weigh in a festival record of 145lbs of bream and skimmers!
March see's carp go on the feed! - 09/03/2012.
6 thirties and loads of twenties see's March kick off in style!
Carp start feeding as spring arrives! - 02/03/2012.
The Carp on Temple and the Old Lake have started to feed as we head into spring with lakes producing thirties.
November see’s record numbers of carp caught! - 21/11/2011.
With mild temperatures continuing, the BIG fish on Temple have been unseasonably active with 10 thirties so far reported!
14lb Zed tops weeks catches! - 31/10/2011.
With a record number of Zeds being reported, Greg Boothright had a brilliant Halloween day session bagging himself a stunning 14lb Zed.
Record numbers 30's and 20's as carp go on feeding frenzy! - 20/10/2011.
With huge numbers of thirties being reported from Temple and record numbers of twenties from the Old Lake, the carp fishing simply could not get any better.
Colder weather see's a run of BIG zeds! - 20/10/2011.
With water temperatures now starting to drop, the last week has seen a huge increase in the number of zander caught with four 13lb fish topping catches. Pic shows Jake Curry's 13lb 14oz Zed!
Predator Season Opens October 1st! - 21/09/2011.
With zander to 10lb already being reported by carp anglers, we expect the opening of our predator season to start with a BANG!
Charity Carp Event raises £4017 - 18/09/2011.
Last week saw the first Golden Balls carp challenge take place at Bury Hill which was run in aid of Cancer Research. With over£4000 raised for this worthy cause, you can read full details of the event below.
Carp Catches Go CRAZY! - 06/09/2011.
A turn in the weather has seen bumper carp catches reported with anglers on both Temple and the Old Lake reporting good numbers of 20's & 30's. Pic Joss Mitchison aged 13 with a 30lb 2oz Old Lake Common.
Bonds returns to Glory Day's! - 26/08/2011.
Following extensive de-silting and restocking, Bonds Lake has seen a return to its Glory Days with 200lb bags being reported weekly. Pic Josh Mitchison & Richard Burton with part of their 200lb haul!
24 hour Bury Hill Carp Pairs Competition! - 21/07/2011.
The 13th & 14th August will see 40 anglers line the banks of the Old Lake to fish a 24 hour carp pairs competition. Places are strictly on a first come first served basis, please call Russ on 01306 883621 to book in. Pic the latest Old Lake thirty, Rohan Huth's 30lb Old Lake common caught 19/7/2011.
6 Thirties top BUMPER catches on Temple! - 14/07/2011.
With 6 thirties and 15 twenties reported from Temple in just a few days,sport on Temple hits new heights! Pic Lee Nockels 35lb 14oz mirror.
Golden Balls Fishing Charity Event at BHF - 13/06/2011.
In aid of Cancer Research UK, Golden Balls Fishing Charity Event will take place at Bury Hill Fisheries during Sept. 2011.
Record catches of 30's as spring arrives early. - 10/04/2011.
With an early run of big fish showing from both Temple and the Old Lake, the last few weeks has seen over 20 thirties reported which is a record for the time of year. Pic shows Barry Mitchells 36lb 11oz Temple mirror.
Bumper predator catches put paid to single hook critics! - 05/10/2010.
Predator anglers found frantic sport over the weekend with the first few days of the predator season seeing over 200 pike and zander caught! Pic show Duncan Charman with his new PB a 12lb 13oz zed!
CARP ACTION HOTS UP! - 03/08/2010.
Temple produces bumper catches with over 20 fish reported this week which included 5 thirties! Picture Dave Povey with Temple's stunning Ghost weighing 32lb 10oz.
50 Thirties in just 14 weeks! - 24/06/2010.
Temple continued its blistering sport this week with yet more thirties banked bringing the total number of thirties caught since mid March to 50! Photo shows Lee Bacon's pretty 30lb 4oz Temple mirror.
Temple's Ghost hits 40lb! - 31/05/2010.
Following a run of big fish from Temple Lake over the past few weeks, Barry Osborn lands Temple's much sort after Ghost weighing 40lb!
Terrific general fishing with anglers baggin on all lakes! - 12/05/2010.
General anglers have been baggin on all lakes with bumper nets of bream, tench, crucian and silver fish being reported. Picture shows Jude Agate & Matt Fuller with part of their 150lb bonds haul.
Carp anglers report record catches of thirties and twenties! - 11/05/2010.
A dozen thirties and scores of twenties make for a fantastic week on Temple as weather improves. Picture shows Lewis Gane with Temples much sort after Ghost weighing 37lb 11oz.
BIG carp start to feed as weather improves. - 28/04/2010.
With 6 thirties already caught this week, anglers fishing Temple and Bury Hill look set for a bumper weekend's sport. Picture shows Craig Pearman's 36lb Temple mirror.
Better weather see's carp fishing pick up! - 08/04/2010.
The positive change in the weather has seen the carp fishing pick up with plenty of BIG fish action reported from both Temple Lake and the Old Lake this week. Photo Craig Pearman 36lb Temple mirror.
Bury Hill see’s huge catches reported as weather improves! - 08/04/2010.
With a much welcomed improvement in the weather, all the lakes have seen some terrific catches reported this week with the odd 100lb bag included on all lakes.
Carp fishing picks up in time for Easter! - 30/03/2010.
Despite the wet weather, the carp fishing has at last started to pick up with another Temple thirty reported as well as plenty of Old Lake action. Photo shows Matt Howe's 34lb 1oz Temple mirror.
Haiti Angling Day - 07/03/2010.
Bury Hill's Haiti Angling Day has so far raised over £5000 and it is hoped that this will eventually reach £6000 once all the remaining prizes are auctioned.
Pike go on feeding frenzy as ice melts! - 20/01/2010.
Despite freezing temperatures and wall to wall ice, anglers have been catching good numbers of pike with fish to 18lb reported. Picture shows Colin Allchin's 16lb 4oz fish.
Zander go on feeding frenzy with big catches reported! - 13/11/2009.
Two anglers share a 30 plus zander haul whilst one lucky angler bags 3 11lb zeds in just 20 minutes. Picture shows Alan Stagg with a decent Bury Hill zed!
Sunday Staff Wanted! - 10/11/2009.
We are currently looking for an enthusiastic person to work at the fishery on Sundays.
Temple Blitz's its 100th thirty this year! - 30/10/2009.
Following a run of big fish, the number of thirties caught in 2009 now top 111. Picture shows James Hiscock's 35lb 8oz mirror.
Sean Howards Year on Temple! - 05/10/2009.
Having recently caught his 50th Temple fish in 2009, read Sean's account of his year to date.Picture shows Sean's lake record 38lb 7oz.
5 more Temple thirites see numbers creep towards 100! - 13/09/2009.
5 more Temple thirties this week see total number of thirties caught in 2009 creep closer to 100! Picture shows Temples Ghost weighing 35lb.
September see’s 3 thirties banked! - 03/09/2009.
3 thirties banked this week heralds a good start for September as carp catches generally increase. Picture show Craig Hess with his 33lb 10oz.
Do you fancy working at Bury Hill? - 02/09/2009.
We currently have a Sunday job available at Bury Hill, click here for further information.
Temple's 80th Thirty in just 5 months! - 04/08/2009.
Two Temple thirties grabbed the limelight this week being the 79th and 80th thirties to be caught from Temple this year! Picture shows Paul Pitchly's 33lb 4oz Temple mirror.
Page 3 girls 'Go Fishing' on Bonds! - 17/07/2009.
Page 3 beauties Lauren Pope and Kellie Acreman pose with a Bonds Lake carp for the 'Go Fishing' show poster!
Overnight Escapades on the Mighty Temple! - 17/07/2009.
Steve Renyards recollections of a busy night on Temple Lake. Picture shows Steve's 31lb 14oz mirror.
Youth Masters Results - 30/06/2009.
This latest Browning Youth Masters qualifier turned out to be a very close contest with just 20 ounces separating the top 4 anglers... Picture shows winner Gavin Miller.
Wow - 16 thirties and still counting! - 23/06/2009.
Wow, what a week that was!!! 16 thirties banked over the weekend and still counting! Picture shows Sean Howards new Temple record weighing 38lb 7oz.
7 thirties top catches over the Easter weekend! - 16/04/2009.
Easter weekend saw 7 thirties top the catches on both Temple and the Old Lake as the carp went on a feeding frenzy! Picture shows Dave Povel's 35lb mirror.
Every 3rd Temple fish a thirty! - 28/04/2009.
Its now official, every third fish caught on Temple is a thirty, well every two and a bit fish actually.Picture shows Rob O'Neill's 34lb 2oz mirror.
70 thirties in just 3 months! - 03/06/2009.
6 thirties this week brought the total number of thirties caught from Temple in just 3 months to an amazing 70 fish! Picture shows Adam Porters stunning 38lb 7oz mirror.
Temple HOTS up producing 5 Temple 30's! - 07/04/2009.
A run of BIG fish over the past week has seen five thirties caught from Temple plus numerous twenties as sport hots up! Picture shows Robin Ellis with a stunning 32lb leather.
2 more Temple thirties! - 27/03/2009.
Despite some pretty grim weather this week, Temple has thrown up two more thirties, a 32lb 4oz common and 31lb 12oz mirror. Picture shows Glen Bakers big common.
4 Temple 30's top this weeks catches! - 22/03/2009.
A good run of big fish saw 4 more Temple thirties caught this week. Picture shows Keron Stiff's 35lb 12oz Temple mirror.
Huge bags of Tench & Bream as spring arrives! - 02/03/2009.
New stocking helped by warmer temperatures see's huge 200lb+ bags of tench and bream banked on the Old Lake.
Bury Hill's 30's are on the move! - 02/03/2009.
Another Temple thirty this weekend brings the total for February to 6!
Zander go on feeding frenzy with ten doubles reported in 7 days! - 02/03/2009.
The zander fishing on the Old Lake has gone MAD with fish to over 14lb reported in a week which has seen over 10 doubles on the bank!
Huge 13lb 12oz Zed for 11 year old & 20lb pike. - 24/02/2009.
Young Bradley Gibbons showed dad how to do it catching a fish of a lifetime, a stonking 13lb 12oz Zed. Whilst John Wright caught a 20lb pike as predator sport takes off!
Increasing water temperatures get carp feeding on Temple! - 24/02/2009.
With water temperatures continuing to increase, the BIG fish on Temple are on the move with yet another thirty reported, this time a plump 31lb mirror to Robin Ellis, see picture.
Winter brace of thirties for Sean Howard! - 15/02/2009.
Despite icey conditions and with water temperatures sitting just above 3 degree's, Sean Howard does the impossible landing a brace of winter thirties from Temple which includes the Ghost at 37lb.
Shoulders comes out at 31lb 4oz. - 09/02/2009.
Gavin Campbell catches 'Shoulders' at 31lb 4oz in freezing conditions and with water temperatures sitting at just over 3 degree's.
Huge tench and pike stocking starts! - 02/02/2009.
Tench and pike stocking started this week with fish being stocked into both the Old Lake and Milton Lake.
36lb 2oz Italian caught from Temple! - 01/02/2009.
Despite freezing conditions, Bury Hill regular Mark Savage bucked the trend catching a new PB in the shape of the Italian 1 weighing 36lb 2oz.
Old Bury Hill by Dylan Fenton - 26/01/2009.
Dylan Fenton wrote the following poem about Bury Hill for his school work.
Sean Howard bags his 50th carp from Temple! - 11/11/2008.
Temple regular Sean Howard has just bagged his 50th carp from Temple this year, a cracking 28lb 20z mirror. Read all about Seans great year here... Picture shows Seans 50th carp, a 28lb 2oz mirror.
Sean Howard puts two more Temple 30’s on the bank! - 30/10/2008.
The latest run of Temple thirties increases Sean Howard's tally of 30's caught to 17 whilst his overall Temple catches increases to 49. Picture shows Sean's latest thirty, a 33lb 4oz mirror.
Craig bagged 5 Temple carp topped by a brace of thirties weighing 33lb and 32lb 8oz. Picture shows Craig with his stonking big mirror weighing 32lb 8oz.
Beat the Recession - Fish for just £8.50 this winter! - 10/10/2008.
Bury Hill Fisheries is doing its bit to help its customers keep fishing by slashing its winter prices to just £8.50 for anglers fishing Bonds and Milton Lakes. And it gets better, for £10 you can also include a bacon butty.Offer valid for Bonds and Milton Lakes only from 1st November to 28th February 2009.
Huge 15lb 2oz Zander raises the bar for 2008/9 season. - 08/10/2008.
The predator season continues to set new records following the capture of a huge 15lb 2oz zander at the weekend. Picture shows Paul Parish's 15lb 2oz zed which gave him a new PB.
Predator catches ‘Explode’ as first day of the season arrives! - 03/10/2008.
The first day of the predator season saw some extraordinary action with over 50 zander caught which included 7 doubles topped by a 12lb 1oz specimen. Picture shows Peter Hurst's 12lb 1oz Zed.
3 Temple 30's in just 4 hours! - 01/10/2008.
Carp go on feeding frenzy with 5 Temple thirties reported which includes 3 to one angler in just 4 hours. Anglers also bag up on the Old Lake with catches of up to 20 fish reported topped by a 26lb 1oz mirror. Picture shows Sean Howard's 32lb 9oz common.
30's Galore as weather swings! - 11/09/2008.
An improvement in the weather has seen a flurry of activity on both Temple and the Old Lake with 4 thirties reported over the last week which included a brace to one angler fishing his first session on Temple.
FREE tuition days a huge success! - 22/08/2008.
FREE tuition days prove a huge success with loads of fish caught and anglers sharing in the action…
Milton Crucian Feature in Anglers Mail - 22/08/2008.
Anglers Mail recently shot a crucian feature on Milton Lake with Russ Evans, this will be appearing in next weeks Anglers Mail out Tuesday 26th August.We also made the front page!
Bream go on feeding frenzy! - 04/08/2008.
Club and day ticket anglers alike saw the bream go on a feeding frenzy at the weekend with 100lb match weights reported and 200lb day ticket hauls. Pictures shows a typical summer bream bag.
Sky Sports films Bury Hill! - 03/08/2008.
Keith Arthur and Bury Hill's tackle spoh manager Russ Evans recently had a day out on the boats fishing the jungle. To find out how they got on tune into Sky's 'Tight Lines' on August 29th. I know this has changed a couple of times, but I am now assured that this will be date it will be shown.
Free Tuition Tasters during August! - 30/07/2008.
During August, Bury Hill Fisheries will be running a series of FREE tuition taster sessions aimed at helping anglers improve their carp, feeder, waggler and margin fishing skills.
Temple sport picks up! - 29/07/2008.
Three Temple 30’s see’s an end to quite period with good numbers of upper twenties also reported. Picture shows Sean Howard's stunning 31lb 8oz two tone mirror.
Huge crucian makes Tony's day! - 29/07/2008.
Tony Merrett had the time of his life during a recent days tuition with Russ Evans on the Old Lake bagging well over 100lb which included crucian weighing 3lb 8oz and 2lb 5oz.
Win £500 in our 24 hour carp match! - 11/07/2008.
Fancy yourself as a bit of a carp ace? Then you could win £500 in Bury Hill's first ever 24 hour carp match to be run on the 27th/28th September.
3 More Temple Thirties! - 03/07/2008.
Three more Temple thirties bring the total number of thirties caught this year to 44, which is a new record.Pictures shows Robin Ellis with his stunning Linear at a new record weight.
Tights Lines comes to Bury Hill! - 03/08/2008.
Sky Sports Tight Lines came to Bury Hill a few weeks ago, to find out how Keith Arthur and Russ Evans got on down the jungle tune in on the 22nd August or click here for further viewing times.
Have you got what it takes to take on the Milton Cru! - 24/06/2008.
Rob Draisey thought he did, bagging close to 150lb but with costly results!
Russ Evan’s 4-hour ton up haul using ‘Big’ waggler tactics - 20/06/2008.
Russ Evans bags 100lb of big tench and bream using long distance waggler tactics whilst two boat anglers share a 250lb haul from the jungle. Photo shows Russ landing a 5lb Old Lake bream.
Temple’s 30’s break new record as catches top 40 fish! - 19/06/2008.
With the number of thirties being reported from Temple increasing, numbers have now topped 41 this year following the latest capture of a stunning 33lb 6oz mirror caught by Rob O'Neill. See picture.
Six more Thirties reported from both the Old Lake and Temple Lake. - 12/06/2008.
33lb Mirror tops big multi bags on the Old Lake whilst Temple throws up another 5 thirties which includes a 35lb common and 'Big Lyn' at a record weight! Picture shows Vanessa Davidson with the stunning 'Big Lyn' weighing 33lb 3oz.
£50,000 of FREE tackle & bait to giveaway! - 28/05/2008.
Bury Hill Fisheries in conjunction with Premier Fisheries are giving away £50,000 worth of FREE tackle and bait. Whether you are a new, lapsed or current angler, simply register online at and collect your FREE Starter Kit worth £21.99 or Trial Bait Bucket worth £8.99 next time you buy a day ticket.
2008 - Win a Years Sponsorship! - 21/05/2008.
Bury Hill Fisheries is again pleased to be part of the Browning Youth Masters 2008. Dates will be Saturday June 28th on Milton Lake and Saturday August 16th on the Old Lake (long bank).
19 Temple thirties in just 12 days - 15/05/2008.
The thirties just 'keep on coming' as they say,with another 5 Temple thirties reported in the past three days bringing the total number of thirties now caught to 19 in just 12 days, which includes 5 new thirties and 7 new records weights. Picture shows the latest Temple thirty, Mark Savage's 35lb 4oz Ghost looking very fit.
Temple EXPLODES with thirties! - 12/05/2008.
Temple continues to fish exceptionally well having now produced 15 Thirties in just 8 days. Picture shows the latest thirty, Dean Meakin's 32lb 2oz mirror.
10 Temple 30's in under a week! - 09/05/2008.
To say Temple is on fire is putting it mildly, following the weekends lively action when 8 thirties were reported with 4 to one angler. Amazingly, another 2 big thirties have been reported in the past two days bringing the weeks total to 10 which includes a big King George mirror. Picture is of Scott Maslen with Two Tone weighing 34lb 2oz.
Temple on FIRE! - 07/05/2008.
Temple's biggies go on the feed with 3 anglers catching 7 thirties over the weekend plus numerous twenties. Regular Sean Howard led the pack bagging an amazing 4 thirties and two twenties. Picture shows Sean's 37lb 9oz lump!
Temple produces another big common! - 02/05/2008.
Temple starts to 'Rock & Roll with another big common being landed, this time a cracking fish weighing 35lb 6oz.
Three Temple 30's in 24 hours! - 29/04/2008.
With water temperatures pushing towards the mid teens helped by south westerly winds, the fishing on all lakes is picking with a flurry of big fish reported from Temple. Picture shows Sean Howard's with Temple's Ghost weighing 35lb 9oz.
Big bream and tench bags show from boats! - 21/04/2008.
Tackle shop manager Russ Evans grabs a quick after work session to bag close to 100lb of bream, tench and carp from the jungle.
Bream go 'Breamnannas' as water temperatures creep into double figures! - 16/04/2008.
The bream fishing on the Old Lake has finally kicked in with a number of big bags coming from both the side and front bank. Bags to over 200lb have been reported which included fish to 6lb and bonus crucian to just under 4lb. Picture shows Michael Head with a typical Old Lake bream.
Another two thirties grace the bank! - 14/04/2008.
Two more thirties have been reported this morning, a 31lb 4oz Temple mirror and a 30lb 1oz Old Lake mirror. Picture shows Craig Hess with his latest Temple stunner weighing 31lb 4oz.
Craig Hess leads the pack on Temple - 10/04/2008.
Returning for another crack at the big Temple thirties, Craig Hess banks his third thirty of the week, a cracking mirror weighing 33lb 2oz.
Four thirties in 4 days! - 04/04/2008.
Following a welcome turnaround in the weather over the past few days, both Temple and the Old Lake kicked into life this week producing not one, but 4 thirties with unconfirmed reports of a fifth big fish also being caught.
Parakeet’s vist Bury Hill! - 23/03/2008.
Normally seen in a cage, our bird feeders have now been discovered by a flock of parakeet’s which are now visiting daily.
Two Temple thirties including a new lake record! - 12/02/2008.
Congratulations to Paul Auston on the capture of Temple's 'Ghost' weighing 38lb 1oz, a new lake record. Also to Robert O'Neill for the capture of his first Temple fish, a cracking 32lb 8oz mirror!
50 waters you must fish in 2008! - 17/01/2008.
Bury Hill's standing as one of the countries top all round fisheries is further endorsed having been recommended once again in the Anglers Mail top 50 waters to fish in 2008.
BHF Launch Carp, Coarse & Predator Forums - 06/01/2008.
We have recently launched our own forum to allow anglers to discuss our fishery and fishing topics online...
Queen Of The Jungle! - 31/05/2007.
Virginia catches a huge 3lb 2oz crucian carp as part of a big Jungle haul during a session afloat with husband Bill!
New Tackle Shop & Cafe now open! - 0/04/2007.
Selling everything including fresh quality maggots and worms, a huge range of hook and feed baits and a large selection of tackle including rods, reels and luggage from all the leading manufacturers. We are open 7 days a week, 364 days a year!
Bury Hill Fisheries is voted 4th best day ticket water! - 0/09/2006.
'Total Carp' readers vote Bury Hill Fisheries as their 4th favourite day ticket fishery in the country!
Download the ‘New’ Temple Lake 3Dcarp virtual fishing game! - 0/06/2006.
A first for any commercial fishery, Bury Hill Fisheries has teamed up with 3Dcarp, to create the most amazing Virtual Fishing Game, which has been based on our new specimen carp lake, Temple Lake.
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