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The result of a £350,000 project back in 2002 to provide the finest big carp sport possible, Temple Lake is Bury Hill’s land of the giants. Home to a staggering head of English pedigree fish Temple is big carp fishing at its very best, where a 30 lb English specimen is on the cards every time you cast out, and every bite brings a carp of 20 lb or larger.

Holding a staggering 90+ 20-pounders in its four acres averaging over 25 lb, the current best carp banked is 36 lb with known fish approaching the magical 40lb mark. Growth rates have been phenomenal since stocking with up to 7 lb in 12 months seen in some instances. Estimates are now of up to 12 different 30s swimming in Temple.

Understanding the disease dangers and not least the moral questions posed by illegally imported big carp, Bury Hill Fisheries are proud to have secured some of the finest English carp available. So crucial was the pedigree of Temple’s stock that the opening of the lake was delayed by over a year until fish of the right size and unquestionable background became available. From perfect commons, linears and scattered mirrors, Temple’s stock flies the flag for True Brit carp angling.

At four acres Temple has been created with dozens of underwater features across all the swims, four central islands creating natural barriers between opposing banks. Varying from six to ten feet deep, all swims access a range of depths to cater for different and changing conditions.

Luxurious purpose built free draining swims take the biggest bivvies and all the latest equipment. Spaced approximately 30 metres apart there are just 15 pegs, less than four per acre of water. Temple is the last word in comfort and practicality; situated above the Old Lake, it has breathtaking views and has been carefully landscaped and planted with thousands of irises, reeds, lilies, trees and shrubs.

New all weather access paths have been installed from the boathouse to stretch around the new fishery making for easy access. A toilet and kitchenette unit close to Temple adds a further element of comfort during long sessions. With the great facilities already on offer at the boathouse including hot food and drinks and a fully stocked tackle shop with swim service available, there should be no reason for your fishing to be disturbed.
Few waters can claim Temple’s impressive blend of big carp stock, exclusivity and comfort. Undoubtedly Temple is set to become one of the nation’s most talked about big fish waters.

Accurate Fish Identification
Temple’s carp have been documented from stocking, ensuring both members and fishery staff know exactly what the venue contains. Each carp has been tagged with a permanent microchip tag that allows it to be recognised through a unique 16-digit code. As used on valuable dogs, cats and other animals, the tags are invisible and harmless but allow staff and anglers to identify each carp with a hand held scanner and to monitor their growth rate and capture patterns precisely. Further, they ensure each carp is positively identifiable, for unrivalled fishery security.

With fishing of this quality, Temple is run on a strict membership basis to help protect its big, valuable carp. Bury Hill’s Specimen Membership Scheme requires that an annual membership fee is paid, then a day/night ticket booked in advance of each visit.

To download further information, an application form and Temple Lake’s rules, click here.

Click here to view pictures showing Temple Lake's construction.

Random TEMPLE LAKE Gallery Photos

Bradley Shackleton with a 29lb 9oz Temple mirror caught July 2008 Kevin Raven with a 33lb 6oz Temple mirror caught November 2007 Neil Malcomson with a 23lb Temple Common caught April 2008 Mark Gibson with a 27lb 13oz Temple common caught April 2009
Neil Malcomson with a big Temple common weighing 28lb 8oz - May \ Sean Howard 35lbs 1oz Temple Mirror Carp Clayton Baker with a 25lb 2oz Temple mirror caught March \ Lee Nockels with his cracking 35lbs 14oz Temple Mirror Carp
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