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Probably the oldest, prettiest and arguably most prolific commercial fishery you will have the pleasure to wet a line in, Old Bury Hill is a tree lined and lily fringed 12-acre estate lake bursting with fish.

Maintained as a traditional mixed coarse fishery the Old Lake boasts a huge head of quality carp, tench and bream plus an abundance of roach, rudd, perch, crucian, chub, pike and zander providing all year round fishing.

Average weights of the fish improve year on year thanks to effective fishery management and you have the chance to catch carp and pike to well over 30 lb, tench and bream to double figures, zander to 16 lb-plus, crucian and perch topping 4 lb and roach and rudd over 3 lb.

Traditionally a feeder and waggler venue due to its size and the average stamp of fish it contains, although pole tactics can work well on the day. The fishing is relatively straightforward and huge catches are a regular feature on this large prolific lake, especially during the spring and summer months. The five hour match record stands at over 150 lb, and in May 2000 two anglers, John Houseman and Chris Tulley, shared a 500 lb haul from a boat which included tench and bream to over 8 lb. Individual hauls over the double ton are not uncommon and 100 lb nets are very commonplace. Interested in catching specimen tench and bream? Read top tips to help you bag up by clicking here…

But it’s not just warm weather sport on offer, as bream action is consistent right through the colder months. Where other fisheries switch off, the water recirculation regime on the Old Lake ensures plenty of bites are to be had even in the coldest weather. The deeper water off the front bank is a great destination for big bags of winter slabs, with chopped worm and caster feeder always bringing some interest, sometimes in bags to match summer sport!

There are 75 recently replaced large wooden platforms spaciously positioned around the lake, all ensuring comfort and enough room for seat boxes, bait waiters or rod pods and shelters with plenty of room between pegs. Multiple catches of double-figure and 20 lb carp with the chance of a 30-pounder is what the capable carp angler can expect from Old Bury Hill. It’s a big carp action paradise.

A tremendous stock of mirrors, commons, leathers and linears has really come of age with the numbers of 20-pounders increasing every month and every season. A great water for some serious buzzer action, Old Bury Hill is more and more popular with the dedicated carp angler and results just get better and better.

Choose to stalk from a punt by day, flicking float tackle into the many hiding places amongst overhanging foliage in the Jungle or around the central island, or target carp cruising the inflows and lilies in the shallows. Mornings and evenings are incredibly productive times and even short trips can bring multiple hauls to boilies fished behind buzzers. Want to catch big carp? Find out how to catch your first double or 20 at Old Bury Hill for the price of a day ticket.

If predators are your quarry, the Old Lake has also arguably the finest day ticket access specimen zander fishing on offer, with hundreds of double-figure fish reported each winter to over 15 lb. In the right conditions the action is fast and furious from both bank and boat. And with a healthy head of pike to around 30 lb also present in the Old Lake, we are the number one predator destination when the pike and zander season opens on October 1 each year. Want to catch a zander?

Ever fished from a boat?
An enormously popular fleet of flat-bottomed punts also serves the Old Lake, taking up to three anglers plus all tackle in comfort for a relaxing day nosing around the lake’s intimate nooks and crannies. Inaccessible from the bank, ‘The Jungle’ is renowned for its large bags of tench, particularly during the spring and early summer when 200 lb bags are not uncommon and which regularly include individual fish to 8 lb plus and the occasional fish to double figures. At other times you will find large numbers of carp to mid twenties along with numerous big bream, roach and rudd. The Jungle is also the place you will find the Old Lake’s specimen crucian, which are known to approach the British record. When winter arrives, it is the pike and zander that take over the mass of roots making up the Jungle, offering a real chance of a lake record. To add a new dimension to your fishing and to experience the camaraderie of a day afloat, click here… to book a boat. (link to boat bookings)

Want to catch an 8 lb plus tench from the jungle?

Click here to view boat rules (link to boat rules)

Fighting fit fish in fast flowing water...
A unique feature of Old Bury Hill is one of the most advanced aeration systems ever built at a commercial coarse fishery. Increased oxygenation and water flow means healthy, hard-fighting fish and happy anglers. Even through prolonged periods of hot weather Bury Hill’s aeration system prevents oxygen levels dropping and fish becoming lethargic and refusing to feed.
Since its installation in 1997, two huge corkscrew water pumps have shifted up to seven million gallons of water a day through the fishery. But you won’t find unsightly fountains that spoil the atmosphere; instead the water is silently removed and then returned through three inlets along the Island Bank, each one flowing with rejuvenated water.
As well as being a feature that attracts huge numbers of bream, roach and carp making for excellent fishing, these flowing inlets also prevent the lake completely freezing during cold spells, meaning Bury Hill is truly an all year round fishery.

Click here... to catch a bag of hard fighting hybrids trotting bread!

Bury Hill prides itself on beautiful carp in the best condition, to ensure you catch fish of your dreams. We strictly enforce rules to protect our stock from tackle dangers and poor handling.
Note - PIC of carp over unhooking mat

You will only be allowed to fish for carp if you adhere to the following rules:

  1. You must own a large padded unhooking mat which must be wetted and used at all times a carp is out of the water
  2. Barbless hooks only
  3. Carp must never be carried in the hands, only in a weigh sling or zipped up sling style unhooking mat
  4. No sacking of carp
  5. Landing nets must be a minimum of 36 inches
  6. Landing nets must be dipped before you enter the fishery to guard against disease transmission
  7. No permanently fixed leads. Bailiffs will check your rigs
  8. No particle baits with the exception of sweet corn and hemp

You will be asked to leave the fishery without refund and/or your membership will be revoked if you break these rules.

Click here for a full listing of fishery rules and guidelines.

Random OLD BURY HILL LAKE Gallery Photos

Andrew Francks with a nice looking 12lbs 8oz Pike caught in Dec 2010 Young Jack Price with his forst ever pike weighing 3lb - well done Jack! Tom Wallbridge with a 21lb 8oz Old Lake common April \ Lee Bacon with a stunning Old Lake carp weighing 13lb.
Obsessed Angler and Angling Coach Russ Evans with a nice net of Bury Hill bream from the Old Lake Tommy and Jack Collier with a 9lbs plus zander caught during a pro fish course with Eric Bailey Gavin Campbell with a cracking 31lb 4oz Old Lake mirror caught January 2009. Jim Mc Dowell with a pretty early season tench weighing 5lb
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